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A Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) swims below surf instructor Tara Angioletti on a stand-up paddle board off Canoe Bearch, Maui, Hawaii. We will have a gallery of David Fleetham’s underwater images on the Telegraph site later today.
Picture: David Fleetham/Bluegreen / Rex Features


heron eats frog
A yellow-crowned night heron tries to position a frog by flipping it in its bill, so that it can swallow it whole. Photographer Nate Chappell captured the scene at Kitty Hollow County Park in Missouri City, Texas.
Picture: Nate Chappell / Rex Features


lion cub
Do I look photogenic!!

The Elephant: Nature’s Giant!!
by Nick Brandt

baby rhesus monkey

Baby Rhesus Macaques ♥
The monkey tentatively grabbed the stinging nettle leaf while exploring. At first she appeared unsure about what to do with the leaf before she put it in her mouth. Seconds later her face grimaced in shock as the stinging nettle gave her a nasty nip before she spat it out in her hand and looked at it puzzlingly. She then decided to suck her thumb for comfort. Most animals don’t generally react in the same way humans do to stinging nettles.
by Ian Turner

Cygnet Metro!!
The Black Swan is a large waterbird, a species of swan, which breeds mainly in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia. The species was hunted to extinction in New Zealand, but later reintroduced. Within Australia they are nomadic, with erratic migration patterns dependent upon climatic conditions. Black Swans are large birds with mostly black plumage and red bills. They are monogamous breeders that share incubation duties and cygnet rearing between the sexes.


Elephant Shower
Elephant Shower !!
fennec fox

Fennec Fox !!
Fennec foxes can only be found in the hot, dry Sahara Desert. They have adapted to this barren land by evolving into nocturnal animals. Their unique large ears radiate body heat. This makes their body’s keep cool in the searing heat of the desert. Many people don’t realize that the desert is not only very hot during the day, but the temperature can also drop significantly after dark. One adaptation that the Foxes have is their long thick hair which keeps them warm during these long frigid nights. These little mammals have been known to be very quick on their feet. When a predator approaches, they can escape quite easily. Even though they can only run 20 mph at most, their long bushy tail helps them change direction rapidly in order to lose, and confuse their enemy chasing them. This makes them very agile, and their movements very quick and fluid.

This is a deer in Nara Park in Japan.
The deers are hand fed and have gotten so used to people that you can walk up and pet them most of the time. Deer are regarded as heavenly animals, protecting the city and the country. Killing one of the sacred deer was punishable by death at one time.

polar bear hug

A Huge Bear Hug!!
The ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’ is Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, which was established in 1771.


Hand Held Baby Gorilla!!

The Mighty Rhino!!

Meet your son, chuck!!

Lion Family Love!!

The Artic Fox!!

The Artic Fox!!

Elephant Baby Rescue!! I Got You Baby!!

Elephant Baby Rescue!! I Got You Baby!!


Let’s Play Mum!!


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